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Advertising agency Iris, who won a lucrative contract with the Department of Work and Pensions to help launch changes to sickness and disability benefits, have produced an internal document portraying benefit claimants and disabled people as chavs, alcoholics and criminals.

Iris won the £2 million contract tohelp launch Employment Support Allowance back in 2008. The company has several other lucrative government contracts, most famously designing the creepy Wenlock and Mandeville Olympic mascots. They also count Argos as one of their major clients.

The document, called “Iris on Benefits”, features a series pf photographs such as the one above, to illustrate information about the company’s employee benefits schemes such as the page outlining maternity pay – which comes complete with a photograph of a young pregnant woman dressed in typical ‘chav’ attire, smoking a cigarette.

Other pictures show people swigging from bottles of cider, a man on a mobility scooter wearing…

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